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Vet Tech Services


Nurse Drop-in*                                                         $40
Nail Trims                                                                 $30
Ear Cleaning                                                             $30

Anal Gland Expression                                             $40
Phone/Text Consult with LVT                                    $30

In-person consult                                                     $45
Teeth Brushing                                                         $30
Subcutaneous Fluids Session*                                 $100

*Client must provide prescribed materials from licensed vet in your current pet's name only. Nurse visits are for animals who require injectable medication (i.e- insulin). 

Our in-home vet tech services are what sets us apart! We are fortunate to have two fully licensed Vet Techs on staff. We recognize that many of our clients have anxiety going to the vet, so let us come to you! 

Our nail trims and anal gland services come with two people. This allows the owner to not feel obligated to do any holding or assist in any other way other than to provide comfort or treats! 

DEAL: Save $5 when you book two services together! This can be any of the vet tech services listed and/or any of our other services we provide.

Please note: While we can offer our opinion, we are not licensed vets and all medical related questions should be directed to your family vet. 

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