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+$20/day fee on Holidays

50% is due at time of booking to secure your spot. Remaining 50% is due the last day of service.

Cancelation policy:

Cancelations made 7 days prior to booking will get a full deposit refund. 7 days or less is non-refundable.

Our overnight services are tailored to your pet's needs in the comfort of their own homes! We come and stay with your pet(s) and take care of the house at the same time. Our goal is to always leave your home better than you left it.


It's their vacation, too! We cuddle, spend quality time, walk, and play with your pet just like you would. While we know we can't replace you, we want to be the fun when you go away! 

An example: 8pm-8am sitter overnight and 12pm (30 min. drop-in) and 5pm (30 minute drop-in). 

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